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Pets are our family. We often keep the water dish outside to keep them hydrated but the water never seems to stay clean for long durations. Thus Aquaxio™ is a one-stop solution. This is a transportable smart water fountain for pets, that will keep your pet hydrated as well as healthy.

No water is stored in it as it requires a running water supply, ensuring that the water isn’t contaminated. You can easily install it in minutes at your preferred location. It has a paw paddle which when pressed, starts the fountain. You can easily train your pet to use the paw paddle so that s/he can enjoy fresh and clean water jet anytime, day or night.

Aquaxio™ has a hose that can be connected to any tap. You can also use an additional hose if you want. Just introduce your pet with the paw paddle and they can stay refreshed whenever they want. It also boosts their mental health, encourages them to play while keeping them hydrated.

  • No Stagnant Water: Aquaxio™ needs a continuous water supply which means there is no issue of stagnant water. Your pet gets clean and fresh water whenever it is needed. This way, your pet is saved from drinking unhealthy water and you are saved from cleaning their dirty water bowls.
  • Convenient Paw Paddle: There is a paw paddle on the top of it. The water comes out only when this paw paddle is pressed, ensuring no wastage of water. You can easily train your pet to press the paddle and after that, they have their own independent access to fresh and clean water.
  • Promotes Better Health: Apart from sprinkling a clean jet of water and keeping your pet safe from contaminated water, Aquaxio™ also acts as a playtime buddy. It will enhance your pet’s mental health, making them more active and thus more immune to diseases.
  • Quick Installation: It can be installed anywhere in a matter of minutes. You place it wherever you want and connect its hose with a tap or another hose. That’s it, Aquaxio™ is installed and ready to spray fresh water for your pet. It would be ideal if you keep it out in the open so that your indoors do not get messy.
  • Strong and Rust-Proof: It is made with heavy-gauge steel for durability and trouble-free operation. Brass is also used in the manufacturing of this product to prevent it from rust. The 40" hose is made with premium quality rubber.
  • Upgraded Valve and Splitter: Aquaxio™ is equipped with an upgraded copper valve which makes sure that there is no internal leakage or abrupt sprays. It also has a 2-way hose splitter which can be installed on the tap to split the water into two ways. The splitter is also used to increase or decrease the pressure of water in the fountain.
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