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Did you know that in the US, a robbery occurred every 1.6 seconds and a burglary every 22 seconds? On top of that, If you have kids or even pets from accidents or any dangerous situations happen. You need to create a safer environment for them. Introducing the OutCam™, a Full HD WifiSecurity Camera that enables you to remotely monitor your house and capture all the activity at your place instantly.


Our Wireless IP Camera helps keep your home safe and secure. Rain or shine, record in high resolution and provide surveillance and safety to your home. 





This Wifi IP Security Camera Wifi is equipped with Motion Detection sensors that enable it to send real-time activity alerts when motion is detected.


Remote monitoring anytime, anywhere


Easy Set up


Keep unwanted visitors at bay and give yourself the proper tools to secure your home, get yours today!

OutCam™ Wifi IP Security Camera Benefits: 

  • Monitor Your Children: We know that children play in various parts of the house, and at the same time are exposed to a lot of dangers. Security cameras installed in the house would help you monitor what your children do within the house and outside in case they wander off. It is very important to place a remote security camera in a strategic position which would alert any adult whenever a child is in a dangerous situation.

  • Reduce theft and vandalism: The sight of video cameras discourages criminals from theft and vandalism before it happens. Most criminals will move on to an easier, less protected target.

  • Helpful Evidence: Whenever a crime is committed, regardless of the location, the footage provided by the security camera could be a useful form of evidence. After all, they say "videos don't lie."

  • Reduced Insurance: Having a security camera system would help you get a slash in insurance, cost because most of the insurance companies offer a discount for homes with security systems.

  • Piece of Mind: Having a security camera system gives you peace of mind 


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