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Achieve Your Best Work With MAX Precision. 

The devil is in the detail. Whether you're wrapping gifts, making crafts or cutting fabric - A straight cut will always be noticed. Guessing a straight cut or drawing marks onto the fabric has probably served you well in the past, but now there's a better way.

With the Splitt™ Professional Laser Guided Scissors, you simply follow the laser for a guaranteed straight line in seconds - without marking the surface or leaving it down to chance. 

Never make a mistake in your craft again and achieve cutting perfection with no additional effort. 

Whether you’re making a dress, cushions, curtains, fabric, or simply gift wrapping. The Splitt™ professional laser Guided Scissors is essential around the home.



  • Large comfortable handles for maximum control over your laser-precise cuts. 
  • Light touch operation, ideal for those with weaker hands.
  • Ultra-Sharp and long-lasting for frustration-free slicing through most fabrics - including denim and leather. 

    • Fast action! Improve workflow and get through any task with more speed and precision than before possible.

    • No matter your hobby. If you need scissors, there's now an easier way. Perfect for dressmaking, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, upholstery, and craft work.

     How to use the Splitt™ Professional Laser Guided Scissors?

    • Push the button on the right-hand side of the scissors to turn on the laser light.
    • Turn the two screws on the side of the unit until you see the laser line up with the blade.
    • Before cutting, make a mark on the opposite side of the paper or fabric being cut (this will be the end of the line)
    • Lay material on the work surface and carefully cut while keeping laser aligned with mark.


      • 1 x Professional Laser Guided Scissors

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