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Are you tired of motion sickness? We got the perfect solution! Introducing the Anti-Motion Sickness glasses: The iMotion™ Glasses.

The iMotion™ Glasses are the perfect treatment for motion sickness, within minutes. No more needs for motion sickness bands, bracelet, patches or pills. 

What is Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness affects up to 66% of the passengers depending on the vehicle. It is caused by a mismatch between the visual information and balance system's perceptions.

In the cabin of a boat, a plane, or on the back seat of a car, the eye can't see the moves felt by the balance. This is a crisis situation for the brain that can trigger the most severe symptoms. 

Our Anti-Motion Sickness Glasses Technology

The iMotion™ Glasses features rings filled-in with a blue liquid developed from innovative a smart research methodology. In response to the accelerations of the vehicle, the liquid moves around the eyes from right to left and from front to back. 

It creates a virtual horizon in the peripheral field of view, without disturbing the central vision. The eye has then access to the reality of the moves. The sensorial conflict instantly disappears and motion sickness fades in a few minutes.

The iMotion™ Glasses was Featured as 2019 top products on:

How does it work? 

At sea, on the road, in the air or even in train, take The iMotion™ Glasses with you everywhere and travel with total peace of mind! 

  • Put the Anti-Motion Sickness Glasses on as soon as you start feeling sick;
  • Take the glasses off when you feel better, about 10 minutes later;
  • Then enjoy the rest of your trip.


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